Southern green shieldbug

Find out how to identify southern green shieldbug and look at the various methods available to prevent and control this pest.

What is the southern green shieldbug?

The southern green shieldbug, Nezara viridula, is a tropical and subtropical insect that has been imported into the UK on fruit and vegetable products for many years but was not found in the wild until 2003.

It feeds on a wide range of plants and is a serious pest of many important food crops, including sweet pepper and aubergine. The adults are strong fliers and are capable of long-distance natural dispersal during warm weather.

Understanding and recognising the insect, and learning the various control methods available, can help you protect your crops from this pest.

Life cycle

Find out more about how the insect grows and matures.

Southern green shieldbug life cycle

Distinguishing between species

How to recognise what is a southern green shieldbug, as opposed to the far less damaging common green shieldbug.

Identification of southern green shieldbug

Crop damage

Discover the range of damage the pest can cause to key crops such as sweet peppers.

Learn more about crop damage

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Adult southern green shieldbug (Nezara viridula)

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