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4 March 2022

Index of research projects and reports on water management, bruising and common scab in potatoes

8 March 2022

Index of levy-funded research projects & reports on common scab in potatoes

23 March 2022

Learn how you can use irrigation to reduce common scab, depending on your potato variety.

23 March 2022

Find out what resources available on potato irrigation, including latest research project results.

4 November 2021

literature review of the relationship between pH, liming, calcium and common scab in potatoes

4 November 2021

Research review on non water-based approaches to the control of potato common scab

4 November 2021

Research report on irrigation and antagonistic microorganisms and the control of common scab

16 February 2022

Our latest advice on common scab control, information on varietal resistance to the disease. The timing of first irrigation based on varieties and soil type. Improve marketable yield, Maximise quality and reduce defects, Increase water use efficiency, Reduce nutrient, soil and water loss