Glasshouse humidity management

Read this series of webpages to learn about effective control of humidity in your glasshouse, including the impact on cost and energy use, management of venting and avoiding condensation.

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Achieving good humidity control in your glasshouse with minimum energy use

Read a detailed, practical example of how to achieve good humidity control in the greenhouse while using the minimum amount of energy.

Achieving good humidity

What is the cost of humidity control?

Read a controlled study of two humidity control strategies and their costs to show the effect of each strategy in the greenhouse. 

Cost of humidity control

What is your minimum pipe temperature setting?

Learn how to ensure humidity influences and ventilation settings don’t lower the effectiveness of your minimum pipe temperature strategy, and find out what it costs.

Minimum pipe settings

How to stop unnecessary venting in the greenhouse

Read about the practical actions you can take to minimise ventilation whilst maintaining the humidity conditions you want in your glasshouse.

Stop unnecessary venting

Avoiding greenhouse condensation

Find out how identify and manage the risk of condensation whatever your greenhouse crop.

Avoiding condensation

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