What is the minimum pipe temperature setting in your glasshouse?

Learn how to ensure humidity influences and ventilation settings don’t lower the effectiveness of your minimum pipe temperature strategy, and find out what it costs.

The importance of ventilation settings

Reducing minimum pipe temperature settings is a good way to save energy. However, this must be done alongside well considered ventilation settings to ensure that heating requirements are minimised.

This example shows what happened at one of our Focus Nurseries where humidity influences and minimum ventilation settings were reducing the effect of a good minimum pipe temperature strategy.

Minimum pipe settings in practice

Read about managing minimum pipe heat in your glasshouse and what can go wrong with an apparently good energy saving strategy.  

Minimum pipe settings

The cost of minimum pipe heating

Read about the simple relationships between the heating pipe temperature in your glasshouse, kWh of energy used and ultimately cost. 

What is the cost?

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